Nature’s Bounty!

Sometimes, I am really, really, lucky! This week was one of those times. As a designer, it’s always fabulous when yarn companies are eager to work with you, especially ones that you love and buy yarn from anyway! This week the ups guy brought me a lovely big box of yarn from SWTC. If you know me, you know this …

The Three Socks

Are finished, have been photographed and winging their way to Portland right now – lots of piccys and info tonite – just as soon as i can figure out how to turn a Tiff into a jpeg. 

Congratulations, Mary!

The delightful Mary, who won the scarf naming competition recently, was as thrilled with her prize as we all were with the name Pendenza! Can’t wait to see you soon! 

the bbq incident

Firstly, apologies for not blogging in a week. There was a slight incident involving bbq sauce, my youngest son and a certain keyboard……. the less said the better, however, I’ve been without a reliable keyboard since then.             i


Just popping in to say that I’m upto the calf shaping on the Sunny knee socks, and think I’m going to take a break and spend the rest of the evening crocheting – why do I feel like I’m cheating? 

Day 3 – sock challenge

Ok, I’m into day three and still going strong. I finished Toad in the Hole, and I have to say, I’m thrilled with the results. The yarn label boasts that the colors will not give pooling or flashing, and although I was a little skeptical, as you can see, there really isn’t any – just a delightful blend of colors …

yarn, more yarn, and pretty flowers

I have to start with a pic of my front garden – it’s at it’s best right now. The miniature hollyhocks are splendid  the best they’ve ever been, although my regular hocks are suffering from a serious bug problem – something laid eggs and ate all the lower leaves – trying to find an organic repellant is not easy. Anyway, …

Knitgrrl Studio!

Congratulations to Shannon and Arabella on the opening of their new collaborative studio – I can’t wait to head up there tonight for the grand opening!  Hope you can make it there too! It promises to be a great evening!  

Blue Steel

For some daft reason, I thought it would be a good idea to have Mark take a photo of me in the second pendenza hat. I don’t like having my photo taken at the best of times, and I really don’t like the way I look in hats, however, this one is so cute, that I thought we should give …

Pendenza Scarf and Hat

Huge thanks to everyone who entered the competition to name my new scarf and hat. I was thrilled with all the names, and would have been very happy with each and every one of them. You certainly got my creative juices flowing with some of them! Imagine my delight with the name that was picked out of the hat: Pendenza. …