IMG_1100I was lucky enough to spend some time with Woolly Wormhead in Columbus this June. I always look forward to seeing her, not only is she a lovely person to be around, interesting, funny and charming, she is also an accomplished designer. Known for her stunning hats, Woolly takes shape and form and transforms them into gorgeous, wearable art.

She does so again in her latest book, Playful Woolly Toppers; 10 colourful hat designs to inspire your inner child. From cover to cover, Woolly shares her design aesthetic in a well-laid out, clear and visually stunning manner. From a practical level, the hats are all multiple sizes,  unisex and well shaped.

This is a great little book – Woolly’s photography is interesting and tells a great story. Using her home as a background, the visual interest is captivating. If you don’t know about the amazing world Woolly lives in, you can read all about it here. Meanwhile, if you’re itching to get your hands on an autographed copy of this book, leave a comment below and tell me who you’ll knit a hat for (and why).

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7 Responses to “TNNA part two – book review of Playful Woolly Toppers”

Laura Ricketts Says:

Mmmm. I would love to knit ALL of these! Each one would probably be determined by the yarn color, but several yarn friends, like Anna and Susan, look like they have cold heads…

knitbrit Says:

Cold heads need Woolly toppers – absolutely :)

Sheila Says:

Is it selfish of me to say I would knit a Selkie for myself? Cuz I totally would. Maybe a couple lucky family members or friends would get a hat for Xmas, but first up would be that Selkie for me.

Karen Says:

I really enjoyed your interview with Marlybird and the info on your book Big Foot Knits. Congratulation!

Andrea Says:

I definitely need to make a hat for Adam this fall. His is old and from the Gap. He’s not into the hand knit sweaters or socks but a hat I know he will get a lot of wear from.

Sara Denbo Says:

I would love to win this book! I have two grand babies on the way, I forsee many hats to knit in the future!

CK Says:

My husband for sure. I do a lot of knitting for good and donate hats. Thanks!

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