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Today sees me chatting with the delightful Carmen from the Tapgurl podcast. We talked about the book, TNNA, Queen Street and more. Thanks for a great interview, Carmen! If you’re a listener, you can post your comments below for a chance to win a copy of Big Foot Knits!

This was the first podcast I’d ever done, and to say I was nervous is a bit of an understatement. Knowing that Carmen wanted to talk about the book was a big help, but I wondered if I really had a ton of entertaining stuff to actually say! It’s one thing to talk to a live person, you can see their reaction, but an unseen future audience is another thing entirely.

I practiced for this, which took me right back to my theatre days. I had friends send me questions, I even did a mock interview with Lindsey Stephens, which was a huge help. I had notecards of all the points I wanted to talk about, just in case I drew a blank, but I was nervous and worried that I wouldn’t “do good interview”.

I don’t think I’ve “heard” my voice in many years – how would I sound? Would what I say make sense? Am I boring and monotone? Do I actually have a clue about knitting, or would it sound like I was talking out of my arse? Would I remember not to swear? I swear a lot – this was a big concern. The panic was really setting in by the time the interview rolled around.

I think I did ok, though. I know we laughed a lot, which is a good sign. We just chatted, very naturally, and my panic subsided. We talked and laughed for over 40 minutes, and really it was just like any other skype chat. I really enjoyed myself!

So, lesson learned, it’s all about a little preparation, letting my love of knitting come to the fore, and relaxing.

However it turned out, I know that I had fun, that Carmen was a delight to talk to and that I think I conducted myself in a professional manner. Can’t wait for the next one!

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  1. Jeannie

    I am a new knitter and am ready to start my first pair of socks.
    I want and need your book. Loved hearing you and Carmen chat. She’s awesome.

  2. Sheila

    Just found you via Tapgurl’s podcast. I’ve been knitting socks on and off for a couple of decades but have yet to develop that magical sock recipe for myself. I have a wide foot, high arch and big calves so I definitely need to adjust from standard sock sizing. Your book looks like it would be a huge help!

  3. Cathy Wood

    Loved hearing your interview.

    I have knitted several pairs of socks but only knit short ones because I have very big calf muscles from when I used to do ballet. Would love to have the book and learn how to make some longer ones.

    Everyone should modify their socks as we are all individuals.


  4. Gretchen

    It’s high time a book like this was published for those of us with “irregular” sizing — kudos to you! (And I look forward to listening to the interview. Carmen is an entertaining and competent host, and I know you were a great guest :)

  5. Diane Pyle

    Now there is hope that my bigfoot husband will get a pair of handknitted socks. I would love to have your book. I thoroughly enjoyed your interview with Tapgurl.

  6. Danie

    I thought you did great. I had a great time listening. The pictures are great and really show off the socks! I love the lacey light blue socks, so cute!

  7. Judy

    Loved listening to your podcast. I love knitting socks, but have a small foot and always seem to end up with socks that are too big! I’d love to learn how to customise sock patterns to fit my foot and other people I knit for.

  8. Jackie S

    Your interview with Carmen was fantastic. I love knitting socks and try yo get them to fit. BUT when you have size 11feet with large calves the “traditional” sock pattern does not always fit well. I would love a copy of your book Big Foot Knits. To have socks that stay up, now that’s priceless!

  9. emptyknitster

    I’ve fallen in love with Carmen’s lovely show and style. She has done several very interesting interviews, including her latest! I’m so glad that she introduced me to your new book. The idea behind your book is OUTSTANDING, just from listening to the interview I think I could adapt it to make the socks for my son-in-law’s size 15 foot!

    Hoping for a lucky win!

  10. Kristina Karpinski

    Very interesting pod cast. And, it is so true that most sock patterns do not fit unless you have an average US woman’s foot size. This book would be a good addition to any sock knitter’s library weather you are a beginner or advanced knitter.

  11. Katie Viren

    We (my Mom and sister) are a large-footed, knitting bunch. Mom wears nothing but hand-knit socks, and is always messing with her fit. I think we could all benefit from this book. Nice podcast. nice to hear about all you are up to. As a baby designer, it is very inspiring.

  12. Author

    Congratulations to Diane Pyle – you’re the winner of the Tapgurl/Knitbrit give away. You should be getting an email from me very soon!

    Thanks to everyone who entered – stick around, there’s sure to be another giveaway very soon!

  13. BostonJen

    I loved your interview! You sounded like a natural. I’m a new sock knitter and have quickly become obsessed! I definitely have a lot to learn and have your book on my list of things to check out!

  14. Mary Brady

    Hi! Greatpodcast! What a coincidence. I’m trying to learn how to knit socks. I’ve been practicing, but haven’t started a ‘real’ pair yet. Your book sounds perfect! I don’t think I have abig fit issue, I’d like to make some that fit. :) Thanks for the chance to win.

  15. Meaghan

    I knit crazy loose, so I am always modifying my hand knit socks anyway. I would love to be doing it with guidance! Maybe it would help with Second Sock Syndrome???


  16. GerryART

    Just heard about The Knit Girllls video podcast
    And have listened to your terrific interview with Tapgurl

    Let’s talk about those sock pattern in Big Foot Knits

    Your method of sizing sounds
    Well, it sounds Sound

    Will finish reading that section this afternoon
    And take Action
    All this after having knit sixty+ pair already

    Btw, IS there such a thing as a Dhoe Fairy?

    Keep on knittin”

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