This sample I crocheted uses the same principles of the crocodile stitch, but has a more pronounced point. I’m kinda in love with the way all the groups cluster together and how the color definition is highlighted with this kettle-dyed colorway.

Once I’d mastered the crocodile stitch and understood the basics of it’s construction, I challenged myself to come up with 10 shapes that used those same principles – the dragon scales was the first one. It’s very similar to the croc, but it’s sides are more pronounced and the point more, well, pointy. Circles and squares were next, along with triangles, hexagons, leaves and flowers. I’m kinda happy with the results, although I’m somewhat stumped at what to actually _do_ with the stitch pattern other than a scarf or an edging. Perhaps that’s all it needs to be?


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One Response to “Dragon Scales”

Julie Says:

I think it would make an adorable cardi or shrug, especially flowers or leaves for spring. I also imagine an obnoxious but uber cool hat of dragon scales.

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