Back in the groove

A wonderfully ’70’s adage that best describes just what’s going on around Chez Knitbrit! My Rhinebeck sweater was started on Saturday, and just flew off the needles, I’ll be posting pics and design details next week on it, but meanwhile, I’ve worked up a darling little neck warmer the last couple of days.

The hubs has named it Mullion because he says it looks like stained glass. That’s all thanks to the amazing Sanguine Gryphon Bugga yarn I used. It captures light and gives it a little slap and tickle to make a stunning visual display.








I really enjoyed designing this piece. Taking a beautiful stitch pattern from Barbara Walker called Arrow Lace and extending the pattern to create a ruffled edge was a challenge, but a good one. Using KV, I could play with stitches on paper before ever knitting a stitch, which greatly cuts down swatching! I ended up with a pattern similar to this:






I think this will be the perfect pattern for Rhinebeck – you can buy the pattern and yarn, knit it in a day and show it off the following day!

I’m considering offering it in kit form with pattern, yarn and buttons, but am not sure. Anyone got an opinion?

I had the chance to go take some test shots for a photo shoot this weekend, and whilst messing around with the camera, I got this great shot of the mitered cable in my Miterbox Jacket pattern. I’d forgotten just how smoothly the cables turn in a 90 degree angle – I love this. Wonder if I can knit a new one before we hit Kingston? Hmmm.

My needles are fairly flying right now, and I’m going with the flow. Hope you’re needles are flying too!

See you next week!


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