My week in stitches

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

It’s been a rather momentous week for me  as far as knitting goes. As you may recall, I’ve really not enjoyed knitting for a couple of months. Picking up the needles has felt like a chore, not the joy or necessity it had been for so long. However, thanks to this little gem, not only is my mojo back, but I’ve been more productive in my written work as well. Yarn, and the plethora of goodness you can create with it, has a new sparkle for me. I’m seeing each day as an opportunity to create, with a new enthusiasm for writing, knitting and lesson plans! Thank you Tiny Owl Knits and to  fellow Brit, Traci for tweeting about it!

Other than an initial puffy hex that I “had” to knit immediately, I’ve vowed not to make another one until all my works in progress are finished. I have visions of doing them all in Double Knitting thanks to Alasdair Post Quinn and his Extreme Double Knitting! Can’t wait!

Are you going to Rhinebeck? Find me in the Cooperative Press booth in Hall C. This is the first year I get to work at Rhinebeck and I’m looking forward to it so very much. I get an excuse to talk to total strangers all day about yarn! What could be more fulfilling?

The book will debut there too! I am so incredibly proud of this – life dealt me a few delays, so finally getting to share my thoughts and views in Big Foot Knits is quite a thrill!

Right after Rhinebeck, I’ll be teaching at WEBS! It’s not even an OMG moment, it’s an OMFG moment for sure! Me? At WEBS? The question du jour is will I spend more than my fee on yarn there? lol! With all the great deals they have, I think I’d be foolish not to!

The class is an accompaniment to the Big Foot Knits book, and I’ll be sharing how to create your very own custom fit sock, full of tips and tricks from the book. I can’t wait.

There’s lots more planned for that week, but I’ll talk about that another time.

The next few days are full of lesson plans, knitting secret projects and enjoying this amazing weather we’re having right now.



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