Giveaway day!

Hello world, I’m in a mad crazy panic of writing for the next couple of days and don’t have time to blog as I’d like to. So without further ado, here’s the give away:

Yarn Thing’s Designer’s Dinner swagbag which includes:

Namaste Zuma in Eggplant (I’m keeping the pink one for myself)

2 skeins of Universal yarns, Blossom Street Collection

Knitting at Large bookmark

Bijou Basin Ranch’s Bijou Spun

Caron Yarn’s Vicki Howell Sheepish yarn

Skacel kniting bag containing Addi Click sample pack

1 skein of Malabrigo Sock

A Knit Kit

2 balls of Red Heart Boutique yarns (don’t think these are in stores yet)

Wacky Woolies playing cards

Boye Rosewood crochet hook

JHB buttons

Yarn Snips by Crochet Dude

Polar Knit Yarn Dot pin

Della Q Random Project bag

Debbie Stoller’s Red Heart Washable Ewe

1 ball of Kraemer Perfection Chunky

Entree to Entrelac by Gwen Bortner (this is a beautiful book!)

Susan Bates, needles, hooks and tape measure

Random House audio book: Dreams of Joy by LIsa See

1 skein of yarn from Quince and Co

Eucolan gift bag of wash and wipes

Heel by Soak

To be entered into the giveaway, leave your name in comments. I’ll pick a random name June 30th 12pm EST

Good Luck!


  1. Alex

    Oooh, I’d love to win! I was so sad to miss the designer dinner (but I didn’t know about it or about Yarn Thing, haha! I don’t know how I managed to miss an excellent podcast.)

  2. Kathy Beaumont

    That’s me—Kathy Beaumont. What a bunch of prizes!! I have been dying to try the Addi Clicks.

  3. Sandy

    Wow…what great give-away items! Thank you for thinking of us! :) Knitting is such a joy in my life and connecting on the Internet with everyone else who enjoys it just makes it all the better!
    Life is good…

  4. Meg

    Hi Darling!

    I’d rather be able to hang out with you, but I’ll take free swag!

    Hope all’s well dear,

  5. Adrianne

    Wowza Andi! What a great bag o’ swag! It also sounds like you had an awesome time at the expo; I’m so glad you did!
    Luv ya,

  6. Marie

    Sounds like you had a ball at TNNA. Would love to win the swag, as I have no yarn budget until I finish my degree and get a job. Only 3.5 more semesters to go!


  7. Traci

    I would go out tonight
    But I haven’t got a stitch to wear
    This man said “it’s gruesome
    That someone so handsome should care”

  8. heather quinones

    Soooo glad to know you had a wonderful time at TNNA, you truly deserve it! I am anxiously awaiting to see your first book in print, and who wins this prze :) good luck everyone!

  9. Kim Wood

    WOW! If I win I think you will hear me scream all the way from Michigan.

    Kim Wood (Mary’s friend)

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  11. Krista

    Wow, this sounds fabulous. My name is Krista and I’d love to win. Off to cross my fingers until June 30…

  12. hunter

    Can I say pretty please? Why yes I can.

    Can I devise some sort of clever scheme to keep others from commenting. Alas, no I cannot.

    Fingers crossed!

  13. Beth Fuller

    what if you split this up and give it away piece by piece? I’ll take the bag! (just kidding – this is way more generous than could be expected – thank you for the offer)

  14. Monica de

    WOW! That’s the best give away I’ve ever seen!
    Thanks! I would love to win that prize package. Christmas in June! :-)

  15. Sharon

    Looks like you had a great time at TNNA. Thanks for sharing the experience – and the goodies!

  16. Shirley

    OMG!! What an amazing Giveaway, and I’d certainly love to have this to travel with my knitting stuff…IN STYLE!

  17. Helen O'Hara

    Wow, what a great giveaway! I am also enrolled in your Designer 101 class, and I am sure I could use the materials for our assignments :)

  18. Liz

    Fabulous give away :-) Winning would be just the pick up I need after dealing with family problems out of my contral!!!

  19. Rose White

    Passing along all this lovely stuff is so generous and thoughtful and *fun*! I’m delighted to find you (sent over by Shannon). You rawk!
    I’m Rose White; nice to meet you!

  20. Anita Figueras

    I think I fainted when I read that list. That’s enough swag for several giveaways! Thank you for making some lucky knitter faint with happiness.

  21. Mera

    WOW – and just when my namaste bag was starting to fail – after 3 years of heavy rotation. Great bags!

  22. Karen Lauterwasser

    HI! I never met a contest I didn’t like, so here I am. I would definitely have to share with my knitting group – this is a generous thing you are doing.

    Have a knitterly day!

  23. Robin

    What a great giveaway! My name is Robin, since we’re supposed to leave our names here, and I totally would have kept the pink bag, too, if I were in your position!

  24. Laura Nixon

    WOW what a haul! I would first pass out from shock if I won, they I would be in knitters heaven with all this booty. I can’t tell you which item would be my favorite piece as I love all of it!

  25. Jackie

    Any knitter would be thrilled to win such loot! Good luck to everyone!
    Jackie Lunsford, from the Ravelry Knit Knackers!

  26. Sarah

    I’m overwhelmed by such a generous offering of prizes! I hope I win, but I am also excited just about this excellent giveaway!

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  28. Andrea B

    Wow! Awesome give-away. I need to figure out a way to sneak into TNNA next year. All that yarn! All of your amazing knitterly minds!

  29. Rebecca

    Incredible giveaway!! :-)
    (Crossing fingers that I win. But if I
    do that, I won’t be able to knit until the winner’s name is announced …..)

  30. dolores golson

    What a FANTASTIC giveaway. I would be able to make so many beautiful thing. I’m so excited. I pray that it’s
    one of my LUCKEY Days…
    Thank You

  31. dolores golson

    What a FANTASTIC giveaway. If I win I would be able to
    make so many beautiful things. I’m so excited. I pray
    that this will be my LUCKEY day.

    Thank you…

  32. Deborah Myers

    This is a very generous offer. I think the whole bag is fantastic. Thank you for passing this gift along. D

  33. BrendaLea Abbott

    What an awesome giveaway! Hope I win, but if not, whomever does sure will have fun creating with this lot. Thanks for the chance to win.

    BrendaLea A. – Purple Lady

  34. Valerie

    Now I know why everyone comes home from TNNA looking kind of shell-shocked from all the yarny goodness!

  35. Jean A.

    That is a monster giveaway–thanks for the chance to win it! Please enter me in the contest…my ravelry ID is jashleyslc.

  36. CaroleP

    WOW! Knitgrrl sent me and I’m glad she did. What a list – even one thing would be nice. The whole list is terrific! Thanks for your generosity! Glad you enjoyed TNNA.

    You did get some Jeni’s ice cream, didn’t you? It really is amazing!

  37. Jenn Lucas

    What a fabulous giveaway! What a great treat for the lucky winner – hope I’m lucky. Thanks for the chance to enter and win.

  38. Gwyn

    Wow!! That’s some prize! I bet the Oscars don’t have goodie bags as nice as that. If I won such a joyous thing, I would definitely have to share. I might even invite other people over and we’d round-robin the entire thing, so everyone went home with something nice.

  39. Pamela

    Thanks… Lovely to have found your blog…. Looking forward to getting caught up over my holidays! Hope you pick me:)…. ( said with a small grin)

  40. Deb

    Being so new to blogging, I am fascinated . . . and to enter for this awesome give-away . . I am smitten, thank you for this opportunity :)

  41. Shirley

    What a fantastic, amazing prize, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed!!! Maybe I’ll try to cross my toes as well! LOL!!

  42. Julie

    I can’t remember if I entered or not, so I shall just be sure! Julie Aronson

    Imagine the random craziness I could make from all that fancy yarn…

  43. Carol

    Wow! What a wonderful giveaway of lots of goodies which we don’t get in SA! :-) Would love to be the recipient.

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