TNNA Round up – part deux

Back to the people after an unexpected nap, or TNNA jetlag, as it has been dubbed.

Love to the Stitch Coop girls first – Robyn Chachula, Kristi Porter, Stefanie Japel, Anne Kuo Lukito and Annie Modesitt were my boothmates, and you should buy all their books and patterns immediately if not sooner!

Miriam Felton  of Mimknits, Amanda Jarvis of Lorna’s Laces and Mercedes KSD are always my “go to”gals for a laugh, hug and chatter. A show isn’t a show without them!  And the list has grown by meeting Alisha of AlishaGoesAround and FickleKnitter. Instant friendships and lots of industry chatter about these two – definitely the high hitters of the show!

Look who I bumped into yesterday! Doesn’t she just shine? XRX’s best move ever was to bring Kimberly onboard!




Do you see who is in my booth? That’s Stitchy McYarnpants and Caro from Splityarn! ARGH! I’ve been all fan-girly about these ladies forever, so I was delighted to bump into them a gazillion times on the show floor as well as having dinner and drinks. Seriously, Stitchy, I took my son for an EEG at 6am this morning and was somewhat bummed not to bump into you at the hospital – where did you go? No fair!

There are a million more people I haven’t mentioned yet, some new friends and some old, but this post is rapidly moving from blog love and descending into what I am afraid will become knitting star-fuckery.

Therefore I will revert to form and say that I got to play with a plethora of phenomenal people! Amazing conversations, inspiration, education and love! Boy, oh boy! I love this industry!

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