TNNA Round up Part 1 – The people

I’m never sure just quite how we cram so many experiences into just a few days, but when thinking about how to blog about TNNA, I came to the conclusion that there was way too much fun being had to dump it all into one post. Ergo, I’m going to split it into The People, The Party, The Products and The Personal Triumphs.

hey, a little alliteration on such little sleep can only be a good thing!

After all that is shared, I’ll be letting you know about an incredible give away I’m able to do thanks to the most amazing generosity of the fiber community. Without sharing all the details, if I drop hints about a foreign hello, maybe you’ll get it?

As you can imagine, being at a yarn industry conference is like a walking “who’s who” of designers, yarn makers and luminaries of our industry.

My amazing journey started with a sweet ride down to Columbus with Knitgrrl. i always love driving with Shannon, we both talk a mile a minute and car dance to the best ’80’s music! We were representing Stitch Coop and Cooperative Press this year – double duty, double the fun!

Once there, I roomed  with the incomparable Lily Chin. Not only is she wicked talented, but she’s crazy funny and adorable. I learned so much from her and had such a good time doing so, I just can’t wait for next time!

After a quick dip in the pool at the Hampton with knitgrrl and Annie, I met up with Woolly Wormhead and Ann Kingstone. Instant friendships ensued and it was lovely to talk ‘English’ for a while! As often happens at the Hyatt bar, designers pretty much took over the place and laughter could be heard throughout the hotel. All I can share about that is that there was a Ravelry based group project knitted on and a polar bear came to play!

More in a little while, I have to go be mommy again. I’d almost forgotten just how many times an hour my name is said around here – be back in a bit :)

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