Day 3 – sock challenge

Ok, I’m into day three and still going strong. I finished Toad in the Hole, and I have to say, I’m thrilled with the results. The yarn label boasts that the colors will not give pooling or flashing, and although I was a little skeptical, as you can see, there really isn’t any – just a delightful blend of colors that really enhance the pattern. I started working on Sunny Side Up yesterday, and ran into the same problem as the last pair I knitted in Martha’s yarn. I couldn’t find my US1 circs? They’re knitpicks harmonies – if you’ve seen them, give me a jingle – cos I’m really missing ‘em! Anyway, I struggled through the provisional cast on and increases on unwieldy dpn’s until there were enough sts for the piece to be manageable. Don’t get me wrong, I adore knitting socks on dpn’s, especially bamboo ones, but they just don’t really work for me on toe up sock construction :(

Throughout the frogging, tinking, and saying of words that I can’t print here, the yarn behaved itself admirably. It took three attempts to get the bloody thing going. How, I ask you, can I have a toe up sock with half a purl row? And why didn’t I notice it until four rows on? ARGH! RRRIIIIIPPPP! If they gave out medals for yarn abuse, I’d have to give it to this skein. As much as I tortured it, it didn’t split, break, lose it’s shape or springiness. Woot for KSDW yarn – omm, nom, nom! I’m in love! It’s 10. 17 as I’m writing this, and I’m past the short row heel and heading towards calf shaping. Wonder where I’ll be this evening? 

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