Sunny Side Up Socks

I’m working on another pair of the sunny side up socks from Alt Fiber. I’m using a purple hand-dyed yarn from my bautiful friend Martha, and I have to say, I’m quite enjoying the knitting process. When I designed them, time was definitely a factor and even though I enjoyed the process, I was too busy on a deadline to notice just how much fun they are to knit. Other than a very wonky start this time, I’m having a blast! A toe-up sock is a wonderful thing, however, starting out on dpn’s is a bit of a tactical nightmare. Do you know where I put my US1 16″ circs? I wish I did! So I gamely used dpn’s and I think if I had about three more hands, it would have been fine, but it sure felt a little clumsy until I got going :(

Now though, I’m loving the way the cables flow into the lace, the way the increase at the back is so seamless. And I’m thoroughly thrilled with Martha’s yarn – I’ve seen her dye techniques, and am a big fan! Here’s an original piccy of the socks, I’ll post a pic of the new pair later today!










Photography by Sasha Gulish
Originally published in Alt Fiber by Shannon Okey 2008 

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