Diagonal Cable scarf competiton

Check out photos of the pink cabled scarf by scrolling down the page. Come up with a great name for it and win a TNNA goodie bag, a free copy of the pattern and bragging rights!  Deadline 6/30. Good luck! 

Update- You guys are knocking my socks off! What great ideas you all have. You’ve inspired me to add a hat to go with the scarf – photos tomorrow, along with the finished scarf. And just to sweeten the pot, five of you will also receive a copy of the pdf July 1! 

Tuesday Update – Thanks to all who have looked at the scarf, and special thanks for the amazing suggestions! I knew I could count on you all. Finally have pictures of the finished scarf and hat – enjoy!

Another Tuesday update – the wonderful people at Ivy Brambles yarn are also offering up a couple of skeins of the awesomeness that I made these from! How cool is that? 











as you can see, the back of the scarf is also pretty, the diagonal columns were definitely an added bonus! 


  1. Mary

    How about “pendenza scarf”? Pendenza is “slant” in Italian. Or maybe the “Penelope scarf” as an ode to Amy’s new girl. Or even better the “Elope scarf”, that way it’s genderless.

  2. Jess

    I really like “Let the Circle be Unbroken” or “Joined Circles, ” or “Linked Circles.” I just like the way it loosk like the circles all loop together in one long chain.

    Beautiful scarf, whatever you name it!

    Also, I LOVE your Mario quilt. My son would go nutty for that – too bad I can’t sew!


  3. Amy

    The Leaning Scarf of Cables? Cables Askew? I’m not very good at naming things – hence the reason my dog STILL does not have a name!!!

  4. Linda (roxyrana on ravelry)

    I have thought of two names for your scarf,……. 1.French Kiss.
    2. Persian Princess.

    love the colours as they flow well with the pattern. :)

  5. Marsha

    Cascading Cables
    Tumbling Cables

    Very pretty design and has lots of potential

    Best wishes

  6. Author

    I’m adding some awesome suggestions from my sisters over at Ravelry:

    Loopy Nancy says – How about something to do with twists? Supremely Twisted. Not Merely Twisted but Actually Sprained. (referring to a mind.) A Twisted Slant. Do the Twist. Twists of Twists.
    Diagon-Alley. Left-Leaning. Cable Cars. Fucshia Hitsya.

    Oriocookie suggests eternity, slinky, or tumbleweed.
    eternity because the rings look like they go on forever
    slinky because if you were to take a slinky and stretch it it would have that pattern
    tumbleweed because it is the pattern that would appear in the sand after a tumbleweed has tumbled through.

    or any combination of the above words. (ie eternal slinky, eternal tumbelweeds, etc.)

    arctiknits suggests tumbling cables

    Robedia says: The name that first came into my head when I saw your scarf was Rosebud. I offer that as a possibility.

  7. EcoCrafty

    I think it sorta looks like the twin helical strands (double helix) that comprise a DNA strand
    So you could call it Double Helix.
    Twin Twists
    Rolling Coins (kinda looks like coins rolling down the way, leaving “tracers” behind)

  8. LizzyA

    Colorwise, the photo looks just like a “Blackberry Smoothy”.

    “Raspberry bramble” because of the yarn name and the color and the pattern.

    “Rasberry Rambling Bramble” because of the yarn name and the color and the pattern

  9. Author

    I’m bowled over by all the great names you are coming up with! They are all my favorite – lol!

    I know there’s no way I’ll ever be able to pick one over all the others, and so am going to put all the names into a hat, pull one out, and that is what the scarf (and hat) will be called! Five runners up will also receive a pdf of the pattern as soon as it is tech edited!

    Thanks so much for your ideas – keep them coming!

    Did you notice that I mentioned a hat?
    Inspiration struck this afternoon and the scarf now has a hat to match! woot!

  10. Twizzler on Ravelry

    Row Your Boat

    (the pattern reminds me of the flow of water when you are rowing a boat – mesmerizing… wonderful scarf)

  11. Lauren

    how about… bubblegum pop? I’m not sure I’d have gone that direction if it were a different color, but I just can’t escape how bright that pink is!

  12. Threadless

    Canted Cables
    A New Slant On Cables
    Diagonal Plaits

    I like the reference to coins that someone made as well, I can see that. So maybe Canted Coins… they also look like chains… Endless Chains (but that sounds a bit depressing, LOL!)

  13. Becky Merritt

    “Twisted Ivy Scarf”

    ‘Twisted’ for the cables and ‘Ivy’ for the yarn and the way the cables climb up the scarf.

  14. Beth Hufford

    How about The Twisler. I dont think the candy company will sue! the cables look like a handful of the corkscrew candies…

  15. Jen

    “Spreading Wake”

    Whatever you name it – it sure is pretty!”

    Jen (zgma on Ravelry)

  16. Reina

    Nobody has yet suggested ‘Biased!’ which was the first thing I thought of when I saw it.

    I also love aronen’s suggestion ‘Lean on me’

  17. shonda

    a few came to mind..

    captivating circles

    cabled perfection

    diagonal desire

    infinite loop ;)

    I agree with the others, whatever the name it is breathtaking! Beautiful work!!

  18. Banrion

    I didn’t read through, so maybe it has been suggested already, but it looks to me like climbing vines. I would call it Upstairs Ivy.

  19. Marie

    To steal a Smiths title…
    “Oscillate Wildly”

    And oddly enough “clematis” would work too. Suggestive photo I suppose.

  20. Mary

    I’m so glad you posted a picture of the back of the scarf. It is even prettier in person, thanks again for being the hostess with the mostess.

  21. Martha

    Hey Andi, how ’bout The Twizzler….I was standing in line at JoAnn’s and saw a bag of those red licorice whips and I thought of your scarf.

  22. gomse

    wat a beautiful colour and nice pattern! I can’t think of anything other than “Merry Braids” since the colour is so cheerful and bright and the cables remind me of braids! :)

  23. Author

    One more day left guys! Which name is your favorite? I have all the names so far on pieces of paper, and am ready to pull the name tomorrow – so I can get the pattern published!

    Good luck to all – can’t wait to see what this pattern will be called!


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