On needles and hooks….

A mitten version of my Love Squared Gauntlets. 

The new scarf

























A crochet scarf that I really can’t talk about, but am loving desperately! 


  1. Kellie Tatem

    What about Echoes for a name? The scarf itself seems to be an echo. It’s diagonally knit, with a diagonal cable going opposite the diagonal line of the scarf. It’s beautiful, whatever you end up naming it! Those gauntlets are to die for gorgeous!

  2. Margie the Ladybug

    I came up with these names (it’s beautiful):

    Field of Roses

    Lifeline — cuz the little interlocking circles remind me of how so many things and people are tied together, and there are rows of them

    Wedding Quilt — I think that’s the quilt pattern I’m thinking of — the interlocking circles get my attention again

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