Renewed, refreshed and ready to play!

Hey all, I feel like I’ve had a month in a bath full of Calgon! I’m riding such a high right now after spending the last few days immersed in all things fibery at TNNA. Thanks to everyone in the city of Columbus for renewing my desire to pursue a career in yarn as well as blog! I know that I haven’t blogged in almost a year, and not blogging is definitely an experience that can almost be described as Cartesian – I blog therefore I am! Or rather, I didn’t blog, and everyone thought I was bleedin’ demised!

But I’m back, happy and bursting at the seams with ideas. I must admit to feeling somewhat star-struck also. What an amazing group of talented, resourceful people there are in the fiber industry! wow!

Amy and I stayed at the Doubletree, which is a pretty nice hotel (thanks Amy) and we were thrilled to have Miriam staying with us. What a babe! And so together and tallented – not to mention the wicked sense ofhumor – luv ya gal! Can’t wait to meet up soon! Btw, she definitely had the best t-shirt at the show “and then Buffy staked Edward. The end!”  (a girl after my own heart!)


The hotel was right next door to the Supreme Courthouse, and I have to share photos of some of the architecture – wonderful Art Deco 1930’s stuff done during the Depression on a Works program – it was a total joy to stumble downstairs in the morning, hang over the balcony with my first smoke and cup of tea and just be inspired and thrilled to see the incredible stonework. 


The showfloor was a plethra of color, texture and excited chatter. I wish I could share photos, but no cameras were allowed. The only one I managed to  sneak was of Kristi Porter,  Miriam and I in the Stitch Coop booth (thanks Mary-Heather for being my Annie Liebowitz.)

I had a very interesting time discovering new yarn lines, and trends, and am pleased to see a move towards more subbtle hand dyed fibers, such as this from here

I think my absolute favorite has to be the new twist from Malabrigo – not only is the yarn amazingly sproingy, Antonio is a dear, sweatheart of a man, and I must admit to being a little bit in love :)


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