procrastination week

I guess I should post about all the work I didn’t do this week, as well as the phenomenon that seems to be sweeping the blog world – frogging. Hands up if you’ve tinked this week? 

But before I do, I’m going to post some piccys of my Mitrebox Jacket. Not the best pictures, but pictures non the less.

The beautiful Adrianne is going to model for me for the pattern photos. I know it will look stunning on her!

So, back to the procrastination. This week, Ben was at camp and Corey was pretty much doing the teenage thing hiding in his room being all emo, so I _should_ have got some stuff done. In fact, I should have got a lot of stuff done. I may have got some yard work done, and I may have spent a little time on Ravelry (and I may have thanked Casey for not inventing a widget to let us all know exactly how much time we spend on Ravelry) 

I think the most productive thing I did this week was take photos for the Ghost Knitters with Carrie. However, I didn’t get away from my frogging issues there – the heel I had to completely knit for photos had to be frogged. I thought the red and black gloves I’m knitting were facing frog overload, however, they mocked me mightily this afternoon and I tinked the thumb three times before I was happy. 

I’m hoping that the upcoming week is both productive, and tink free. (for all of us!)



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