on the needles

On the needles right now are a pair of my love squared fingerless gloves. The pattern can be found in Shannon Okey’s AltFiber, a book I am very proud to be a small part of. The gloves are worked in two colors with a two color rib and thumb gusset that I’m particularly fond of. This is the third pair I’ve made and have plans to work on a chartreuse and brown pair once these are finished. 

I’m also working on a sock project for Shannon right now. Can’t say much about it other than the yarn, which she dyed, is phenomenal. Can’t wait to share all the details on this project. 

I’m very lucky to be sharing Shannon’s intern, Carrie, this afternoon. We are making a visual tutorial for our production knitters and since language is a barrier, the photos will work very well. This is a common technique to use for people with language delays or deficits and we used visuals almost exclusively when Ben was younger, so it seemed like a good idea here. 


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