Blue Malabrigo

I’ve had this idea for mitered cables since I read an article on Ravelry about traveling cables and was intrigued to say the least. Erica at River Colors tempted me with some delicious blue Mal and I was off and running.

It really took some figuring to get that mitered corner, but I’m pretty happy with the results, and whilst it may not get the approval of purists, I’m fairly certain that it will be easy for intermediate knitters or even confident beginners who have done a cable or two in the past.

Here’s a pic of the corner –

Mitered corner

it’s a little fuzzy, but that’s ok, you get the idea.

If all things go to plan – and I realise that was the kiss of death – then I should have the edited pattern for the jacket up for sale by next weekend, along with my other patterns and various stitch markers, pin cushions, etc.


NOTE: yes, I gave it all the kiss of death… le sigh……

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