secret knitting

Sometimes, things just click. I’ve been working on a couple (of dozen) patterns for various projects, and things just came together this week like they haven’t in months. The knee sock that I’ve wracked my brains over just flowed out of the needles, and I’m thrilled with the way the increases worked out. An “on the spur of the moment” tofutsies cable sock flew and just seemed to create itself. The tech bag written pattern finally finished, and a couple of secret patterns are actually on needles now.

I’m totally taking advantage of this creative streak – not sure how long it will last, nor if Ben will allow it to grow, but I’m loving the mood.

I think that going with the flow has really helped the last little while. I’ve not forced anything, if I got stuck on a pattern concept, I put it down and moved onto something else, and for the most part, it’s been a successful venture. Most importantly, I’ve gone out of my way to write everything down – and anyone who knows me knows that this is something I don’t usually do.

Perhaps it’s post-Rhinebeck euphoria? Maybe my hangover from the Ravelry party has finally cleared? Maybe it’s the five hours of sleep I got one night this week? Whatever is causing this, I’m loving it.

Sadly, I can’t post photos because everything I’m working on right now is either for our SNB secret scarf swap or for books….. I’ll have to see if I”m allowed to post teaser photos.

I’ve also got together with friends to knit this week, which always rejuvenates my spirit and keeps me going. Martha and Ann were great fun midweek for cookies and earl gray, and then tonight, Martha and I went along to Studio Knit in Medina for their knit and chat session. The gals there are always so welcoming, and I have to say, I love that store. I think it’s the only yarn store I’ve ever been in that doesn’t seem cluttered, but still has a huge variety of yarn and notions. I’m looking forward to going back there soon.

Amy and I will be heading upto StitchCleveland and River Colors on both Saturday and Sunday this weekend – Saturday teaching our bevvy of beauties in sock club and Sunday teaching a tofutsies bootcamp – can’t wait!

I’m trying to plan a weekly sock class for next year, and although I think I have it locked down, I thought I’d throw it out there and ask everyone what they want in a sock lesson? Let me know.



  1. Amy

    Why you no post since NOVEMBER???!?!?!?!?! You’ve knitted some not-so-secret items. Bayerische anyone? I’m the luckiest, because I get to see the secret items. But you should share your awesome knitty-ness with the world. Seriously, you’re too awesome not to.

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