The Tech Bag

The Tech Bag

I can finally see the finish line for writing the pattern for this bag. As much as I love the whole process of designing, from concept to knitting to writing the pattern, for some reason the last couple of weeks, events have conspired against any attempt I make to finish. I’m close – the pattern is written, I just need to format that all important last page and I’ll be done and ready to publish, but gosh, every time I sit down at the computer, something happens. My poor little Ben has congestion out the wazoo, and every meds we’ve tried over the years either works but alters his behavior or conflicts with his seizure meds! ARGH! This leaves a cranky, snotty kid, who feels somewhat miserable, very chatty, but unable to go to school. I’m doing all the homeopathic stuff, but lord, I wish it would clear up and things could get back to “normal”. So, between answering about 70 questions per minute, listening to Tom and Jerry or Scooby Doo all day, and playing waitress non stop, as you can imagine, concentrating on “work” just isn’t happening.

tech bag That being said, here are some lovely piccys of the bag. I’m really pleased with the two color cable effect. My local snb gals are knitting it and their color combinations are wonderful. I think this technique is just stunning! The down side to this is that my imagination is working over time on all the things I can apply this process to.

The side of the bag is a delicious lattice stitch, framed with black, which really makes the colors pop, I think. Turning the panel on it’s side really changes the stitch definition and adds an unexpected twist.
I think I’m most thrilled with the cables themselves though.They just jump right out at you (in a good way) Hopefully, the pattern will be available for download later this week, with hard copy for sale the week after.


  1. Chelle

    Wow! I love the bag!! (I found your site through Ravelry on the ASD board) I admit, your avatar intrigued me…I’m definitely gonna get a copy of this pattern.

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