Knit and Spin

Welcome to the launch of my new blog. After much procrastination I have to say I’m really happy with this new venture. The hubby has done a great job of interpreting my ideas – think I’ll keep him around!

Lots on the needles right now, and after a six month dry spell, where for the first time in more than a dozen years, I just didn’t _want_ to knit, I now find myself with too many ideas and not enough time to implement them. I have five projects on the go right now, as well as prepping for several sock classes I’m teaching at (stitchcleveland) – more on those later.

On the needles right now……

The deliciously yummy Bayerische Socks from the amazingly talented Eunny. From the moment I saw these on her blog, I’ve coveted them. I have to admit to a couple of false starts, where I got so incredibly frustrated, but I cheated and worked a sample of the pattern on worsted weight yarn, just to get a feel for the pattern, and now I’m flying. I’m the first to admit that I can’t drop cable stitches like Eunny does and have to use a cable needle, so the going is slow, but I’m totally in lust with this project. Will this be the first time in 30+ years of knitting that I actually complete a project and still love it as much as when I started? Stay tuned……….

Speaking of cable needles, I would love to get my hands on a size 0 wooden cable – anyone know if such a thing exists? Thanks to Megan for the filed down tooth pick suggestion – I did try it, but I’m so cack-handed (english word for the day – explanation) I broke three and gave up! lol!

I’ve been working on a cable sock idea based on an old 70’s sweater i got at Goodwill. It was a machine knit very fine cable that I just loved, and thanks to the incomparable Amy figured out the basics. Swatches, failed swatches and a search for the perfect yarn later, here is the prototype. I’m loving it so far. I just have to figure out if I’m going to go fancy on the heel, or fall back on the good old reliable drop stitch heel flap. But again, I’m very happy with it. If anyone is interested, I’ll be posting the pattern as a freebie as soon as I’ve worked out all the kinks :o )

Also working on a sweater for Shannon I can’t post piccys of it yet since it’s for a magazine article, but I’m very impressed with the shaping and shaping concept – especially since it’s for us big girls. And, it’s in a soy/wool blend. Very swanky! Updates and links on this one soon.

I’m crocheting a table cloth (yeah, right!) Really, I am. In cotton, I can chuck it in the washer, but I love this pattern and can crank out a couple of circles a night, so it’s very rewarding. 43 down, 201 to go! lol. Have I ever mentioned how much I love to crochet? It’s not even so much the finished results that I find so appealing, it’s more the process. The way I hold a hook and the yarn, the way my hands move to manipulate them both, I find it immensely satisfying. Not sure if it’s because as a kid, I was incredibly impressed with the way my mom crocheted, or the fact that I’ve managed to emulate that so well, but whatever, I heart crochet!

Almost on the needles – an idea I’ve been mulling over for a couple of months for a top down, square neck sweater with cables. I can’t wait to get going on that. Not least because it will be the perfect pattern for the Soft Twist my mom bought me a couple of years ago, but I never found just the “right” pattern for.

My needles beckon, I must go knit.

Peace, love and a sleep filled night to you all…


  1. Amy

    YAY!!!! You have a blog :) Thanks so much for listening to me today. And thanks so much for being you. I can’t wait until Friday (Studio Knit baby!!!)

  2. Author

    almost! Looking forward to spending some time with wordpress and learning how to do it properly.

    Can’t wait for Friday, either – knitting, good friends and sushi! Who could ask for more?

  3. Vanessa

    I don’t know if I left my comment on a previous site but my handle is also BritKnits! My underkept blog is Nice to meet you! Where are you from? I’m located in Texas.

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